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As digital currency is spinning up worldwide, bitcoin holders have become more aware about the anonymity of their purchases. Everyone used to believe that a sender can remain disguised while depositing their coins and it came to light that it is not true. On account of the implementation of government policies, the transactions are meaning that a sender’s e-mail and even personal identification information can be disclosed. But don’t be alarmed, there is an answer to such public administration controls and it is a cryptocurrency mixer.

To make it clear, a crypto tumbler is a software program that breaks up a transaction, so there is a straightforward way to mix different parts of it with other transactions used. In the end a user gets back an equal quantity of coins, but blended in a completely different set. Therefore, there is no way to trace the transaction back to a sender, so one can stay calm that identity is not uncovered.

Ltc mixer / Cryptocurrency tumbler

As maybe some of you are aware, every cryptocurrency transaction, and Bitcoin is no different, is carved in the blockchain and it leaves marks. These traces are essential for the authorities to trace back outlawed transactions, such as purchasing guns, drugs or money laundering. While a sender is not associated with any criminal activity and still wants to avoid being traced, it is possible to use available cryptocurrency tumblers and secure sender’s personal identity. Many bitcoin holders do not want to inform everyone how much they gain or how they use up their money.

There is a belief among some web surfers that using a scrambler is an criminal action itself. It is not completely correct. As mentioned before, there is a possibility of crypto mixing to become unlawful, if it is used to hide user’s illegal actions, otherwise, there is no need to worry. There are many platforms that are here for cryptocurrency owners to mix their coins.

Nevertheless, a crypto holder should be careful while picking a bitcoin tumbler. Which platform can be trusted? How can a crypto holder be sure that a mixing platform will not take all the deposited coins? This article is here to answer these questions and help every crypto owner to make the right choice.

Ltc mixer / Cryptocurrency tumbler

Let’s first figure out which features need to be looked at to make sure that a platform user trusts their coins to a trustworthy service:

The crypto scramblers presented above are among the best existing mixers that were chosen by users and are highly recommended. Let’s take a closer look at the listed coin tumblers and describe all aspects on which attention should be focused.

Surely all mixers from the table support no-logs and no-registration policy, these are critical aspects that should not be disregarded. Most of the mixing services are used to mix only Bitcoins as the most regular cryptocurrency. Although there are a few crypto tumblers that mix other coins, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Additional currencies provide a sender with more opportunities, some tumblers also allow to mix coins between the currencies which makes transactions far less traceable.

There is one option that is not displayed in the above table and it is time-delay. This feature helps a user and a transaction itself to stay incognito, as there is a gap between the deposited coins and the outcoming transaction. In most cases, users can set the time of delay by themselves and it can be a couple of days or even hours and minutes. For better understanding of crypto mixers, it is necessary to review each of them separately.

Blender has a easy interface, it is easy to use and uncomplicated. Time-delay option can be set up to 24 hours. With regard to the fee, there is an additional fee of 0.0005 % per output address. As one of the few, this cryptocurrency tumbler provides a user with a special mixing code which assures that new crypto coins are not mixed with previous deposits. Additional URL (Blender) is also here to make sure that senders can get to the scrambler, even if the main link is not working.

As well as others, CryptoMixer has both a clear-web (CryptoMixer). This mixing platfrom is notable for accommodating extremely large-volume transactions. After public verification of their reserve of 2000 BTC it is clearly that users can trust this mixing service and their coins will not be taken. The number of needed confirmations depends on the number of deposited coins, e.g. for depositing less that 25 BTC there is only 1 confirmation required, in case of depositing more than 1000 BTC a user needs to gather 5 confirmations.

To operate on this crypto tumbler, a CryptoMixer code needs to be created. A user should note it, so it is easy to use it next time. After entering a CryptoMixer code, users need to provide the outgoing address or several of them and then set a time-delay option. A delay time is defined automatically and a user can change it if needed. A service fee can be also chosen from the table depending on the sent sum. Every transaction requires extra fee of 0.0005 BTC. Also, a calculator on the main page helps every user to understand the number of coins sent and received after mixing.

Based on the experience of many users on the Internet, PrivCoin is one of the leading Bitcoin tumblers that has ever existed. This scrambler supports not only the most popular cryptocurrency, but also other aforementioned cryptocurrencies. Exactly this platform allows a user to interchange the coins, in other words to deposit one type of coins and get them back in another type of coins. This process even increases user’s anonymity. Time-delay feature makes a transaction untraceable, as it can be set up to 24 hours. There is a transaction fee of 0.0005 for each extra address.

One completely special crypto mixer is ChipMixer because it is based on the totally different principle comparing to other mixers. A user does not just deposit coins to mix, but makes a wallet and funds it with chips from 0.01 BTC to 8.192 BTC which a user can split according to their wishes. After chips are added to the wallet, a wallet holder can deposit coins to process. As the chips are sent to the mixing service in advance, following transactions are nowhere to be found and it is not possible to connect them with the wallet owner. There is no usual fee for transactions on this tumbler: it applies “Pay what you like” feature. It means that the fee is randomized making transactions even more incognito and the service itself more cost-effective. Retention period is 7 days and each sender has an opportunity to manually clear all logs before the end of this period. Another coin scrambler Mixtum offers you a so-called free trial period meaning that there are no service or transaction fee charged. The process of getting clean coins is also quite unique, as the tumbler requires a request to be sent over Tor or Clearnet and clean coins are acquired from stock exchanges.

There are 3 steps of this mixing process that include:

It should be pointed out that random sums are sent in two and more transactions to make them less identifiable.

Another reliable scrambler is BitMix which supports two cryptocurrencies with Ethereum to be added soon. The mixing process is relatively typical and identical with the processes on other mixing services. There is a possibility to set a time-delay feature up to 72 hours and a sender has an opportunity to split the transaction, so the coins are sent to several addresses. Thus, sender’s money are more protected and undetectable.

Two cryptocurrencies are also supported on SmartMix.io scrambler. This scrambler is on the list because it works quickly and it is reliable. The transaction fee is really small, only the amount of 0.0001 BTC needs to be sent for each additional address. Splitting deposited coins between 5 addresses is also extremely helpful for maintaining user’s confidentiality. Every user is able to select an additional option of delaying the payment meaning that the transaction is becoming even more anonymous.

Let’s take a look at another one of the leading bitcoin mixing services which is incredibly user-friendly. Bitcoin Laundry (Bitcoin Laundry) has a straightforward interface and it should be noted that the service fee is the smallest possible, it is 0.0% with 0.0002 BTC per extra address. Retention period is 7 days when it is easy for a user to manually remove all the logs which are saved for this period because of any future transaction-related issues. There is a time-delay feature, however, it is not possible to be controlled by a user but the mixing service only.

Being one of the oldest mixing services, BitBlender (BitBlender) remains a simple and usable crypto coin mixer. It is possible to have two accounts, with and without registration. The difference is that the one without registration is less controllable by a user.

The mixing itself can be performed and the transaction fee is charged randomly from 1% to 3% which makes the transaction less traceable. Also, if a user deposits more than 10 BTC in a week, the crypto mixer reduces the fee by half. Using a time-delay feature the transaction can be delayed up to 24 hours. A Bitcoin sender should worry security breach as there is a 2-factor authentication when a sender becomes an owner of a PGP key with password. However, this service does not have a Letter of Guarantee which makes it challenging to address this coin scrambler in case of scams.

And last but not least, there is a mixing service with a number of cryptocurrencies to tumbler named SmartMixer (SmartMixer). For now, there are three currencies and Ethereum is going to be added soon. This platform offers a very friendly user-interface, as well as the opportunity to have control over all steps of the mixing process. A user can select a delay not just by hours, but by the minute which is very useful. The mixer gives the opportunity to use a calculator to understand the amount of money a user finally gets. The service fee is from 1 % to 5 % with fees for extra addresses (0.00045529 BTC, 0.01072904 LTC, and 0.00273174 BCH). Having funds from different resources helps the crypto tumbler to maintain user’s personal information undiscovered. This last mixer does not offer its users a Letter of Guarantee.

All cryptocurrency scramblers presented in the article are reported to be trusty having all transactions unidentified. It is important to choose a mixing platform wisely, as a sender has no opportunity to turn to any authority in case of scams. By all means, handling your deposits online can be risky, however, using mixing platforms that are listed in the article will help every user to reduce risks and be sure of success of the transaction.



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